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My tweets

  • Sat, 15:32: OH at @interventioncon, same guy as last time. “I wish scratch and sniff computers were a thing."
  • Sat, 15:32: In other news, the Intervention conbook has a little easter egg of @onezumi tweets on every page, and is hilarious.
  • Sat, 15:33: She talks about butts and giraffes a lot.
  • Sat, 15:34: RT @onezumi: @the_gneech they trolled me with the dinosaur that is lactating sundaes I drew @kittykatya :)))
  • Sat, 15:34: It’s all like that. ;)
  • Sat, 15:37: …I should probably not call up Tumblr or Pinterest while I’m at my dealer table. Just in case. ¬.¬
  • Sat, 18:30: I made $30 today. It was a bit slow.
  • Sat, 20:45: RT @mattdpearce: "When I took that picture, I didn’t realize how heavily armed those police were." http://t.co/36vNIzOxqt
  • Sat, 20:49: RT @BobNewhart: Bob's kids here,we've hijacked his twitter. Surprise him for his 85th Bday! Tweet a selfie w/ a sign saying "Happy 85th Bda…
  • Sat, 22:45: Don’t have cable these days, so no Doctor Who for me. Sounds like a typical first ep., tho… “I don’t know what to think…” :D
  • Sat, 22:46: But I know Capaldi is a good actor and people love Moffat’s writing almost as much as they love to have Moffat, so I’m sure it will be fine.
  • Sat, 22:46: RT @staypuft: Most people forget that long before I was a movie monster, I was the world's first marshmallow sailor.
  • Sat, 22:47: Mrs. Gneech and myself came home and watched the Redskins pre-season instead. Nothing interesting to report there.
  • Sat, 22:49: And now, I’m off to bed. Gnite world, have an awesome tomorrow. :)



Aug. 25th, 2014 12:23 pm (UTC)
Doctor Who, first episode, in theatres today and Saturday , just in case you want to see "attack eyebrows" 20 feet wide!

I've only watched the first 25 minutes or so, but it appears that Capaldi's Doctor may be on the humourous side.

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