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  • Tue, 22:18: Gnite, my crisp and lovely tweeps. :) See you tomorrow!
  • Wed, 08:22: Potentially Unpopular Opinion: Lovecraft is reaching the “Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein” stage and will soon cease to work as horror.
  • Wed, 09:22: Phew. Planks are not my friend. Side-planks, forearm-planks, any of ‘em. They’re like the pushup’s punk brothers.
  • Wed, 09:23: Pushups are the worst; but planks are plenty bad!
  • Wed, 09:23: On the other hand, I could almost get through a full 20-second side-plank today. Progress is being made.
  • Wed, 09:24: Gneech II: The Buffening
  • Wed, 09:25: Nope! This sort. http://t.co/QCxaCS6TbT //RT @Wilford_B_Wolf: This sort of Plank? http://t.co/HNvUqWTJKn
  • Wed, 09:25: Like zactly that. //RT @DangerCoon: While in progress : The Suffering
  • Wed, 09:35: RT @LAJourno: Beverly Hills police say they regret handcuffing, detaining black film producer before Emmys: http://t.co/O6RpqAQkt6 http://…
  • Wed, 10:10: “Gravity is a harsh mistress.” -The Tick //RT @angille: it's like... I'm not even moving, why am I breathing hard?


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