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Weekly Weigh-In

As hinted yesterday, today's my new best at 305.3, down 8.2 lbs from last week, for a total of 13.7 lbs lost (average 1.2 lbs/week). Basically, I recovered from the damage done by Dragon*Con, and lost a teeny bit more. This week I intend to build on that by making a goal to stay under on points every day and end the week with my full 49 "weekly points" untouched.

I took the first "progress pic" yesterday, but I'm not going to post it until I have more to show for my work. Yes, I'm noticeably slimmer than I was when I started twelve weeks ago, but not so much so that I'm ready to unleash it on the world. ;P

Just take it on faith that I totes look like my icon. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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