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Weekly Weigh-In, Milestone Edition

I've got so much stupid crap going on and so many things flying around in my head that I forgot today was weigh-in day until the Weight Watchers tracker reminded me. But the scale gods were kind today...

301.2, down 3.3 lbs from last week, for a total of 17.8 lbs lost, which puts me past the first 5% milestone, averaging 1.1 lbs/week. Aww yeah! If I can make that level of progress again, I'll break the 300 lbs barrier next week, which would be huge.

I have been running consistently about 10 points/day below the allotted value, not on purpose, just by virtue of the habit changes I've made, which is probably a factor. Most of the food in the house is on the low end of the point scale, largely because for so long I kept finding myself short on points and having to scramble to find something to make my stomach shut up that wouldn't tip me over. Now I just go straight to the low-point stuff first, mainly 'cos that's what we have on hand, and by the end of the day I find that I haven't spent many points, but I'm not particularly hungry.

So, I'm pleased. :) It's nice to see progress being made on something!

-The Gneech
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