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Weekly Weigh-In, 300 lb Barrier Broken Edition

299.6, down 1.6 lbs from last week, for a total loss of 19.4 lbs. This is enough to break the 300 lbs barrier (Aww yeah!), but 0.3 lbs short of reaching the Weight Watchers-set goal of 299.3. Average weight loss over the entire program: 1.5 lbs/week.

I have discovered that the only way for me to consistently lose weight is to make sure I stay 5+ points under the WW daily points goal, even though they recommend that you use your full daily allotment. For the previous two weeks, I stayed below, and lost weight. Late last week, I was running close to their daily values (without going over), and on Monday morning I had gained two pounds. So on Tuesday and Wednesday, I made sure to stay well under, and lost again.

Bite me, wanna-be-fat metabolism. -.- Bite me, get-the-factory-leftovers genetics.

Anyway! Progress continues, and I shall be content.

-The Gneech
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