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  • Tue, 00:12: I have no idea what “hoof or dare” even is.
  • Tue, 01:04: And then Pinkie went Mr. Creosote.
  • Tue, 01:18: <3
  • Tue, 01:18: Not what I had in mind to close off the evening, but was in fact so much better. :)
  • Tue, 01:20: I am now going to faceplant on the nearest bed. *thud*
  • Tue, 01:20: Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)
  • Tue, 01:22: Sometime I totally want the manes to play Cards Against Insanity again. ;)
  • Tue, 07:29: Awwwwww yeah! #mst3k
  • Tue, 08:19: Mid-term elections! The ones where individual votes actually make a difference. That’s where I’m headed now. #vote
  • Tue, 08:21: If you care about the world, please go vote accordingly. Thanks. :) #vote (This applies on your own voting day, outside-the-US peeps et al.)
  • Tue, 10:10: Vote cast! I fully expect cats to take a senate majority.
  • Tue, 10:23: Vote your conscience, Fluttershy! //RT @mlp_Fluttershy: *Always votes DemoCat*
  • Tue, 11:03: RT @mlp_Applejack: There are some folks that you just get along with much better if you never actually speak to them, y'know what Ah mean?
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