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Noises From My Thinkybits, Part the Onthe

I think part of the problem facing LiveJournal is there's a certain unapproachability in the "giant, blank screen" format. Yesterday I started trying to compose a long-form thought in Twitter, which is madness at 140 characters a pop, but a certain sort of inevitable considering how relatively low-overhead posting to Twitter is. Not a lot of choices to make: no mood, no title, no avatar, no tags... just toss down 140 characters and go.

But, y'know, screw that. I miss long-form thoughts. I miss reading them, I miss writing them. I miss having them, for crying out loud. I feel like I need a mental defragmentation, a return to having deeper thoughts that require more effort and more commitment. My mind is fractured and my thoughts are scattered, simultaneously over-stimulated but craving true engagement. Twitter is not a cause of this phenomenon, it's a symptom. I come not to bag on Twitter, Twitter's great for what it is. I come instead to bag on myself for eating mental candy all day instead of actually using the writerly mind I was gifted with and spent so many long, hard years cultivating.

So! Let us dust the cobwebs off the ol' brainpan, shall we? I hereby give myself the assignment to do more story writing, more long-form blog posting, and more doing some real thinking instead of just reacting to stimuli. Since you have to quantify these things for them to actually mean something, I'm going to call this three substantial pieces per week, where a "substantial piece" is defined by 200+ words on the topic at hand. These pieces may be blog posts (such as this one), work on stories (there are a few upcoming anthologies that have tickled my fancy), or whatever else suits.

If there's anything you would care to read from me, by all means let me know, I'm always fishing for ideas. In the meantime, I have a few topics in mind for upcoming noises from my thinkybits, including...

  • Suburban Jungle Status Report: My thoughts on the new comic a few issues in

  • Searching for Buried Treasure: What good, if any, can be salvaged from the wreckage of D&D 4E now that it's safely behind us?

  • Convention plans for the upcoming months

  • Fandom in the post-forums age: where is community to be found?

  • Citations from the sexy police!

...Okay, I might not do that last one.

Seriously, tho, what do you think, reader? Is the long-form dead, or just pining for the fjords?

-The Gneech

EDIT: Add "LiveJournal Has a Tumblr Problem" to my list of things to write about.
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