John "The Gneech" Robey (the_gneech) wrote,
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  • Thu, 11:06: Charity Expressions WIP
  • Thu, 11:18: RT @JE_Owen: Best Twitter Advertising of All: People you like talking to people they like about things all of you like. #WordOfMouthMarketi
  • Thu, 11:24: LUNCH! GET IN MAH BELLEH
  • Thu, 11:41: Besides missing @mammallamadevil on a personal level, I miss having a business partner. I suck at that part of my gig!
  • Thu, 11:43: Like @mcahogarth’s Three Jaguars, I have three lions, but Business Lion can’t count & is barely literate, & Marketer Lion isn’t real bright.
  • Thu, 11:44: And all three lions are constantly looking for an excuse to loaf off and play computer games instead of working.
  • Thu, 11:46: I need to make me some strategic partnerships. ;P
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