John "The Gneech" Robey (the_gneech) wrote,
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  • Sun, 20:55: Meh. Sleep was messed up all weekend and now am in mood crash. :P I’d better hit the hay.
  • Sun, 20:55: Good night world. Give yourself a hug for me. :)
  • Mon, 08:40: WANTED: Ivory tower. Must come with comfortable salary. Will pontificate for food.
  • Mon, 09:42: RT @blambot: Blambot’s sale is on! 30% Off Pay fonts for 1 week a year!
  • Mon, 09:43: Did morning workout… am broken now… never moving again… *collapses*
  • Mon, 10:29: “Conan: Beyond the Black River” summarized– “Picts or it didn’t happen."
  • Mon, 10:37: Not many people know that I’m magically delicious.
  • Mon, 10:39: Mrs. Gneech says I’m lucky she puts up with me, does that count? //RT @Slypenslyde: Do the ladies call you "Lucky"?
  • Mon, 10:40: No cousins named Stew? //RT @DhurpYBunny: Meh.. were bunnies... Tender tasty and delicious. (my siblings names XD )
  • Mon, 10:41: Pro Tip: Do not tweet things you want to keep secret. //RT @TDot_Babs: They do now!
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