John "The Gneech" Robey (the_gneech) wrote,
John "The Gneech" Robey

In Which I (Probably) Punt on @MWFF

I hate to do this, but unless I wake up tomorrow miraculously healed (which I don't expect to happen), I'm going to have to punt on Midwest Furfest.

Yesterday, laurie_robey called me from work to tell me her boss was driving her over to the hospital because she was having chest pains, and while she suspected it was nothing serious, that's not something you faff around with, so off she went.

In order to go to her side, I took a taxi to the Metro station, rode the Metro to Tyson's Corner, walked from there through the dark, cold rain and rush hour traffic to Laurie's office (where the car was parked), so that I could drive the car to the hospital. A bit of an adventure, but not really that much on the grand scale of things– we've both gone through worse for each other and likely will again.

However, after spending some time with her in the hospital and eventually going home, my own body started doing... things. Horrible things. That I shan't describe, other than to say they involve the digestion of food– or not. ¬.¬

Neither Laurie nor I had a good night. -.-

The good news is, whatever it was bugging Laurie, it wasn't her heart. The current suspicion is perhaps a muscle pull of some kind. She was discharged with a clean bill of health and orders to follow up with her G.P.

This morning I went over to the hospital and picked her up, as well as getting some medicine for myself. Then when we got home, I went back to bed, where I spent most of the day.

Anyway. I'm due to fly to MWFF on Thursday, but as my would-be roommate had to bail, and I am a bit bearish on what my sales would be like anyway, my current recuperation requirements after the horrors of last night make the idea of spending 5 hours on a plane (including a stopover in Detroit) an extremely unappealing proposition.

Thus, as I say, unless I'm miraculously healed when I wake up, I'm going to cancel and get what refunds I can, and curse the rest.

2014 continues to kick me in the shins. :P Be over soon, you stinkburger of a year.

-The Gneech
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