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  • Thu, 12:57: For some reason, every time I reach for the shift key on this keyboard I HIT THE CAPS LOCK INSTEAD. :P
  • Thu, 12:58: In other news, getting a lot of random new followers lately. Hello and welcome, all! :)
  • Thu, 13:08: <3
  • Thu, 13:19: RT @peeweeherman: DANNY ELFMAN BIG TOP PEE-WEE SOUNDTRACK remastered & expanded! Just out! Edition of only 2500! htt…
  • Thu, 13:31: RT @A_single_bear: I hope you are okay right now and later today and tomorrow and in awhile and also past that and also forever. I am a bea…
  • Thu, 14:17: One thing I’m bummed about in the new SJ, there isn’t really a slot for an “‘80s-tastic” character like Tiffany or Brody. I miss that.
  • Thu, 14:18: But all the characters in Rough Housing are too young for that!
  • Thu, 14:19: A character in the new comic obsessed w/ the '80s would be like the “George Carlin hippie stuck in the ‘60s” character of days past.
  • Thu, 14:20: As it was, Brody Coyote was a baby in the ‘80s, and he’s older than Charity, Langley, et al.
  • Thu, 14:21: “Totally Tubular: A SJ Retro Comic” //RT @ArakinUK: "Suburban Jungle/Rough Housing Flashbacks"? ;)
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