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  • Sun, 09:45: I feel like @Morrus should see this.
  • Sun, 09:55: Twilight Sparkle was raised among nobility; her babysitter was a freakin’ princess. Her brother became Capt of the royal guard.
  • Sun, 09:56: She went to a school for gifted unicorns and tutelage from Pr. C. herself. She’s like a study in privelege.
  • Sun, 09:59: She may be prodigiously talented, yes. But that talent is being held aloft by a ton of external factors.
  • Sun, 10:00: Just a random thought. Fortunately she’s using all those advantages to good purpose. :)
  • Sun, 10:56: RT @HantaMouse: No amount of caroling and decorating can make Florida the slightest bit Christmassy.
  • Sun, 10:57: RT @scottbix: While no one was looking, Congress just passed a law requiring police departments to report who they kill and why
  • Sun, 11:33: o/` The sun’ll come out, tomorrow! But only for ten minutes, this is northern Virginia… o/`
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