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  • Mon, 14:05: Real estate agent says to call tonight. Kinda like when dentist calls you into the office. Better than waiting, but still not happy.
  • Mon, 14:06: …Remax, why did you fave that? -.-
  • Mon, 14:20: So, item number one is waiting on my sister. Item number two, the place wouldn’t answer the phone. Item three requires an e-mail answer.
  • Mon, 14:20: Items four and five require item three to be done, and item six can’t be done until tonight.
  • Mon, 14:21: Yay, I’m being productive. -.-
  • Mon, 14:21: I guess it’s just as well I didn’t want to do those things, because they obviously don’t want to be done.
  • Mon, 14:30: RT @zhandlen: I think I found the new Bond script:
  • Mon, 14:33: RT @wilw: Cat: Let me in! Let me in! OH GOD OPEN THE DOOR AND LET ME IN! Me: Ok. Cat: Oh, I meant open the door and watch me roll around o…
  • Mon, 15:16: RT @wayword: RT @pheffernanvt: Fave Sat. morning listening pleasure, @wayword or as @pattidaniels put it, "@cartalk for word nerds."
  • Mon, 15:21: RT @mlp_spike: *stops next at a peculiar store, “Look Out There’s a Gryphon Behind You! and Sons”*
  • Mon, 15:42: If you can’t fix big problems, try fixing little ones.
  • Mon, 15:45: RT @Wizards_DnD: Alright dragon trivia buffs! Who wants to win #DnD Attack Wing Starters and expansion packs? #DnDTrivia
  • Mon, 15:47: RT @seananmcguire: My bed is a paradise of Maine Coons.
  • Mon, 15:51: I wish “and no stupid crap” was a parameter recognized by search engines.
  • Mon, 16:06: I see a nap. I’m gonna take it!
  • Mon, 16:45: Lifetime hearing Billy Joel on the radio, but when in the hosp w/ afib, I forgot to say working too hard gave me a heart attack-ack-ack-ack.
  • Mon, 16:45: You people can’t be more disappointed in me than I am in myself, I assure you.
  • Mon, 16:47: I should clarify, it was back in June! //RT @quillypen: Ack! This wasn't recent, I hope. *hugs*
  • Mon, 16:48: I’m just sayin’, it took me that long to think of the joke! I must be slipping. XD
  • Mon, 19:08: RT @JElvisWeinstein: The web is a great way to disseminate news, but that doesn't mean that little kids on the street shouting "Extra!" was…
  • Mon, 19:09: RT @PaulTobin: My new movie idea is "Given." It's just bad guys giving gifts to Liam Neeson and he thinks it's really sweet of them.
  • Mon, 21:59: You didn’t see anything.
  • Mon, 22:11: Knowing that I’m tired and the ability to get up out of my chair and go to bed do not seem to be connected.
  • Mon, 22:11: I think perhaps I may have been glued here.
  • Mon, 22:11: I can move my fingers well enough, hence my ability to post tweets. But legs? Nothing.
  • Mon, 22:12: C’mon Gneech, stand up. *doesn’t stand up* Dammit.
  • Mon, 22:13: I just checked Tumblr. I wonder if there’s a new post yet? I’m pretty sure there must be a new post. *reload* *no new post* Dammit.
  • Mon, 22:13: The internet won’t sleep for me! //RT @that_taco_guy: Who needs legs when you have the internet?
  • Mon, 22:15: Okay, here’s the plan. I’m going to fling myself sideways off of the chair, then spider-crawl my way up the stairs to bed.
  • Mon, 22:15: Ready? Here we go.
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