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The Old Ambling Grounds

We actually have a bit of sun today! And as it's the last bit of sun we're going to have here for the foreseeable future, I was quite keen to get out in it. laurie_robey and I wandered over to South Lakes to take a walk around Lake Thoreau, the neighborhood where we lived before we came to the Hobbit Hole.

While we were never keen on the particular house we were in, we always did love that neighborhood, and I've missed it quite a bit over the past years, especially the walk around the lake. It's roughly an hour walk, give or take one's ambling speed, through wooded hills and quiet neighborhoods, and on a nice day it's just about as good as northern Virginia gets.

It's also a great walk for talking through stuff; mammallamadevil and I walked it a few times when we had weighty things to discuss, and of course Laurie and I had many long walk-and-talks there. Today the conversation turned to childhood memories and comparing notes of where and when the President's Physical Fitness Program came along and ruined recess during our respective school careers.

I really enjoyed it. Hopefully we can get out and do more walks like it soon. :)

-The Gneech
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