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  • Sun, 14:13: RT @SquidyUK: It's possible my favourite Muppet Christmas film remains Trading Places - Frank Oz, Richard Hunt, and two grumpy codgers up i…
  • Sun, 14:32: The Old Ambling Grounds
  • Sun, 14:35: I wore my grey fedora for the first time in weeks? months? today. It’s looking pretty droopy. Time to retire it.
  • Sun, 14:36: Trying to decide what to replace it with. Kinda done with the grey fedora look for a while.
  • Sun, 14:37: I have a maroon bowler, but that really only works in the right context.
  • Sun, 14:39: Might try a newsboy next. And I gotta find what happened to my black kangol. Might have left it at @HantaMouse’s house.
  • Sun, 14:40: It’s great for steampunking around in. ;) //RT @AxiomAxiom: It works only on days that end in "y."
  • Sun, 14:41: On a totally unrelated note, Da Vinci’s Notebook did a really kickass version of “Jump In the Line.”
  • Sun, 14:45: Predictable wuff is predictable. //RT @DrezzerWolf: “I’m not wearing pants!” Best line.
  • Sun, 22:04: I wanted to do more tonight, but I’m still super-tired. Or I should say super-tired again.
  • Sun, 22:04: You’d think I’d stop putting that stupid little mask on.
  • Sun, 22:05: Anyway, I’m gonna call it a night. Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. Love y’all.
  • Sun, 22:06: Oh! And to the person who sent me the apple jam for Christmas, thank you very much. :d
  • Mon, 00:02: The Peace On Christmas: Suburban Jungle
  • Mon, 08:48: RT @ArakinUK: Hello Hope and Confidence, where the fuck have you been for the past 3 months?! Please can you help Cautious Optimism in the …
  • Mon, 11:35: RT @mallelis: imho is a lot funnier if u assume its short for "in my horse's opinion"
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