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  • Sat, 14:01: Was supposed to go to in-laws' today. Ducked it by going to ER with atrial fibrillation again. Not sure this was the best plan. :P
  • Sat, 16:23: In cardio observation unit now, will probably be here overnight and get rebooted in the morning like last time. :P
  • Sat, 16:24: Binge-watching Psych to pass the time. Could be worse.
  • Sat, 16:35: RT @TheKinkyTurtle: Oh the weather outside is shitty But in here I'm sitting pretty So there's no reason for me 2 complain Let it rain, let…
  • Sat, 16:36: Stylin'!
  • Sat, 16:50: RT @ComedyPosts: meanwhile....
  • Sat, 21:43: Heart rhythm normal! Still slow due to meds, but hopefully tomorrow back home!
  • Sat, 23:22: RT @Boursin: @the_gneech (... realizes just how in bad taste having the song lyric "Rhythym is gonna get you..." pop into her head is. I'm …
  • Sat, 23:22: Only if you object to me singing “Heart of Glass” and “Barracuda” the whole time, @Boursin!
  • Sat, 23:39: Okay, gonna try to sleep some. Thanks for the well-wishes all, see you in the morning. :) Gnite, and have an awesome tomorrow.
  • Sun, 06:29: Good morning world! All things considered, I feel great this morning. :)
  • Sun, 06:30: The bipap mask the hospital gave me is way nicer than the one I had at home. O.o I’m totally snaggin’ that. Deep sleep FTW!
  • Sun, 06:33: I had a very interesting dream in which @mlp_Rarity became an alicorn. That amused me. :)
  • Sun, 06:45: RT @petstarr: I just heard someone refer to the selfie stick as "the wand of Narcissus". I think we can all agree that's its official name …
  • Sun, 06:49: RT @InterestingLit: Coffee is a great power in my life; I have observed its effects on an epic scale. – Honoré de Balzac
  • Sun, 08:02: How to prevent someone from following you on Twitter: tell them “follow me please.” :P
  • Sun, 08:56: It’s not California enough in here.
  • Sun, 10:33: RT @GrottoCreations: RT TO WIN A FREE FURSUIT HEAD! More details here
  • Sun, 11:58: Discharged! Goin' home!
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