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  • Mon, 09:48: Hey! Have I mentioned that issue two of Rough Housing is on sale now? ‘cos it totally is. #ShamelessPlug
  • Mon, 09:52: Think I will give myself one more day before going back to full-blown workouts. Maybe I can get a walk in later on.
  • Mon, 10:07: RT @blopt: Will: - N. Korea do anything? - Joe Biden become goblin leader? - Jaden Smith take his meds? Find out on the next episode of Dr…
  • Mon, 10:25: RT @CrazyAry: Warm up doodles. #Korra and an #Applejack (strange combo!)
  • Mon, 10:29: Today isn’t ‘80s enough. Unfortunately, my fuchsia shirt is in the laundry.
  • Mon, 10:30: But I’ve Duran Duran and Thompson Twins playing on @pandora_radio, that’ll do for a start. Hope it Rickrolls me later.
  • Mon, 11:05: RT @TheMarySue: Facebook Is Sorry That “Year in Review” Reminded You How Crappy 2014 Was
  • Mon, 11:06: Spoke to a manager at the Westin Peachtree; they are not just full for D*C, they’re overbooked and have “negative rooms.” :-`
  • Mon, 11:07: The annoying thing is, they were like that the moment they opened reservations. Cons have gotten stupid. -.-
  • Mon, 11:08: My guess is that people are setting up bots to call and gank reservations, because, y’know, people are awful.
  • Mon, 11:09: Oh well, I’m guaranteed a spot at AwesomeCon, anyhow. I assume it will still be local for me this year. ;P
  • Mon, 11:13: So, I guess “arrange room at Westin” gets removed from the too-much-to-do list forever.
  • Mon, 11:14: Will have to wait ’til after the move to decide if we’ll try to arrange something else.
  • Mon, 11:23: RT @LizardbethArt: @lizzwinstead if wanting to end police brutality means you hate police, parents who set bedtimes & curfews must hate the…
  • Mon, 11:24: RT @annabananapajam: Photoset: fishingboatproceeds: edwardspoonhands: I love how, after two years on Mars, Curiosity has started... http://…
  • Mon, 11:41: Only now does it occur to me to mark the date of weddings I attend so I’ll know the anniversary later. :P
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