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Three Good Things/Three Goals For Tomorrow Jan 4

Three Good Things for Today

  1. Killed a 45 minute upper body workout this morning and will end the day 9 points under for Weight Watchers, even with pizza for dinner. I'm definitely getting better at the dietary management.

  2. Started a new short story featuring Squash & Stretch for submission to an upcoming anthology. Just in the brainstorming stage right now, but it's a 5k-10k word story, it should go quickly once I get the basic premise hashed out.

  3. Ordered a button maker and media.

  4. Bonus Good Thing: Celebrated Kormath Christmas. :)

Three Goals For Tomorrow

  1. Get a Dungeons & Denizens page done.

  2. Start a ProjectWonderful banner ad campaign for Suburban Jungle.

  3. Blow the dust off AppleJack and Soarin, and do some TwitterPonying. :)

It's an ambitious list, but hey, it's 2015! Let's go big!

-The Gneech
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