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So Long, San José!

Everything's packed up and I'm just finishing my coffee before heading down to finagle some way to get to SFO that doesn't either kill my feet or my budget. I suspect it will be cab to CalTrain, but there may yet be untapped depths to the Hilton greeter.

It's been a super-fun con, and valuable research on the "Where do Gneech and Laurie want to live?" project. I was incredibly flattered by all the people who seemed eager for me to move to the Bay Area, including lots of people I wasn't even aware knew who I was. ^.^' sirfox informs me there's a local finder's fee.

I am going to try to write up a more detailed con report when I get home; for now lemme just say that I love my friends and I'll miss you all. But graveyardgreg, if I ever hear you go into your Rita Repulsa voice again, I'm going to tell you to shut up and eat your load.

-The Gneech

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