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Weekly Weigh-In, 25 lbs Barrier Edition

293.1, down 2.0 lbs from last week, total lost 25.9 lbs, average 0.8 lbs/week.

My goal has been to stay 10 or more points under my daily allocation, as it seems to be the only way I don't re-gain weight. I've gotten to the point in dietary changes where that's fairly easy, so my next step will be to try to get to 32 points/day, which is what my eventual "ideal weight" allocation will be. But as laurie_robey can tell you, 32 points is a very small amount. Just breathing is like 10 points. :P I'm pretty sure that even looking at a cheeseburger is 5.

I wonder, tho; when you start Weight Watchers, they're all "Eat! Use your points! Even if you use all your daily points and all your weekly points, you'll lose weight!" In my case, at least, this is categorically untrue. I wonder how many other people have been lost and frustrated because it wasn't true for them, either. When you've got a metabolism like mine losing weight is hard enough, without that kind of slap in the face.

-The Gneech
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