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  • Wed, 21:14: Dude. I’ve been playing @mlp_Soarin for four years. That’s crazy.
  • Wed, 21:16: When I was in school, four years seemed like forever. Now four years zoom past and I’m like, “Wait, what?"
  • Wed, 21:19: I remember trying to find some show character I could play because I didn’t want to play an OC.
  • Wed, 21:20: There was another Soarin at the time, so I made “mlp_SoarinBolt”.
  • Wed, 21:21: I remember talking to Rainbow about what the character would be like; she wasn’t real keen on the other Soarin because he kept being shippy.
  • Wed, 21:22: My concept was that Soarin would be pretty much that athlete who’s always doing pizza ads, PSAs, and stuff like that.
  • Wed, 21:23: That’s why he was “The ColtSpice Guy.” :D It was also an excuse to come up with parody bits, like the Salt Lick PSAs.
  • Wed, 21:24: “Bait and Switch Specialties” was stolen directly from an old Firesign Theater album. :)
  • Wed, 21:25: But the problem was figuring out a reason for Soarin to be in Ponyville and interact with everyone else…
  • Wed, 21:25: So I came up with the bit of him destroying the gazebo at Sweet Apple Acres and getting a job there to pay it off. :)
  • Wed, 21:26: But to make that story work, someone needed to be Granny Smith. And since nobody else had the role, I made an account for her, too. :)
  • Wed, 21:28: I suspect that it was doing Granny Smith that made original Twilight ask me to take on the role of AppleJack.
  • Wed, 21:28: The rest, as they say, is history. :)
  • Wed, 21:30: Good choice! //RT @BirdCatOOC: you know if i had to ship anyone with @the_gneech, it would be with @laurierobey
  • Wed, 21:31: I don’t think Soarin was the first pony to destroy a gazebo in Ponyville, but he definitely made it trendy.
  • Wed, 21:47: Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)
  • Thu, 08:10: Weekly Weigh-In
  • Thu, 08:24: It took me a minute to realize this was Chrysalis and Flufflepuff. Pony fandom, you are weird.
  • Thu, 08:31: But not postdiluvian ones. /RT @graveyardgreg: Time to sleep. The Gneech will now protect you from the antediluvian horrors of THE INTERNET.
  • Thu, 08:50: Do changelings ever suffer from imposter syndrome?
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