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  • Thu, 13:22: RT @VernonShaw: I need to stop buying things with the excuse that I'm "an adult and can do whatever I want and also the humming stone obeli…
  • Thu, 14:00: Of potential interest to Twitter users. c/o @TheMarySue
  • Thu, 14:35: I want to slack off from my job of drawing comics, to draw some comics. I have a strange muse. -.-
  • Thu, 14:38: *headsplode* //RT @sknkgrl: yo dawg, i heard you like comics. So I'll comics while you comic as I watch you comic.
  • Thu, 14:39: I’ll slack off drawing comics while drawing comics to write comics. /RT @tabbiewolf: Write the latter and let someone else draw it, maybe?
  • Thu, 14:40: Honestly, what I really want, is to read the kind of comics I create. The reason I create ‘em is ‘cos I can’t find ‘em.
  • Thu, 15:20: Speaking of writing, time to pull out the ol’ Snowflake Pro. That Squash and Stretch story ain’t gonna write itself! #AmWriting
  • Thu, 15:26: RT @RebelsHeart: food for thought
  • Thu, 15:56: RT @thelindsayellis: Sometimes I'm like "maybe I could find my old teachers on Twitter!" Then I remember the horror of twitter politics and…
  • Thu, 16:38: The Entire Universe In a Little Box
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