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Weekly Weigh-In, Sustained Progress W00t Edition

289.3, down 1.1 lbs from last week, total weight lost 29.7 lbs, average lost 0.9 lbs/week. I have shrunk out of multiple pairs of pants and shirts; even shirts that used to be on the snug size of "a good fit" are feeling roomy on me now. Some of my old work shirts are more like nightshirts now. :P

I've also found that Levis 550s, a "relaxed" cut of jean that I used to favor, is now too baggy for me to comfortably wear, even when it's the right size: I end up with large flaps of fabric hanging off the backs of my legs. I picked up some 505s, which are a more standard cut (in size 44, woot), and overall they fit nicely, except that the waistline rides a little lower than I'm used to. I wouldn't mind really, except I'm a little worried about "plumber's cleavage." It's not really a problem as long as I have a shirt long enough to stay tucked in (or a top shirt over it), but it's still something I'm not used to having to consider.

I'm starting to reach the fun part of the journey, I think. :)

-The Gneech
Tags: sartorial agony, workout

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