John "The Gneech" Robey (the_gneech) wrote,
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  • Fri, 18:32: It’s not social phobia, I mean, I’m not afraid. It’s not shyness, I’m not embarassed.
  • Fri, 18:32: Social lethargy?
  • Fri, 18:33: The social equivalent of “I really want cookies, but it’s too much of a pain to mix and bake them."
  • Fri, 18:34: “So I’m just gonna sit here and be unhappy that I don’t have cookies, because that’s the easiest thing to do."
  • Fri, 18:36: It’s definitely part of introversion, yes. //RT @tabbiewolf: Refresh mode. I think that's a general "I'm an introvert" kind of mood.
  • Fri, 18:36: But the bag is over theeeerrrreeee! #whine //RT @DatBirdbrain: that's when you dig in to social chips ahoy!
  • Fri, 18:38: It really is! The hold it has is astounding. //RT @KensterFox: Inertia, man. It's a hell of a thing.
  • Sat, 08:14: Seems like a win-win, what’s the problem? //RT @Wolfie_Rankin:
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