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Weekly Weigh-In, I Am the 10% Edition

286.0, down 1.9 lbs from last week, total weight lost 33 lbs, average weekly 0.9 lbs.

This puts me at two important milestones. First, I've lost more than 10% of my initial body weight, which takes me off of the Weight Watchers autopilot and means I've gotta take the wheel when it comes to setting goals. The 5% at a time model seems to be working, tho, so I'm going to stick with it. My next milestone weight is 270.

The second important milestone is a psychological one: I have matched my previous adult best weight, from back in the '90s when I was jogging daily. In short, the progress I make from here will become my new best. :)

So yeah, I'm pretty pleased 'bout that. ^.^

Weight progress 2015 Mar 05

-The Gneech
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