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  • Wed, 18:35: RT @laurierobey: Truman loves his brushing! @fcrt #catrescue
  • Wed, 20:53: Aaand buyer’s agent turns obstructionism up to 11! Buyers are frustrated! Our agent is frustrated! We’re frustrated! EVERYBODY’S FRUSTRATED!
  • Wed, 21:22: RT @Omundson: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you 12 glorious minutes of the #Galavant season 1 Gag Reel! Enjoy GalGagReel - YouTube https://…
  • Thu, 07:38: Weekly Weigh-In, Sit-N-Spin Edition
  • Thu, 09:01: Deeply regret getting involved in this whole business now. If the deal falls through, at this stage, I won’t cry. I just want it to end.
  • Thu, 09:19: I have had enough of doing the right thing, doing the right thing, doing the right thing, and getting screwed over every time.
  • Thu, 09:33: RT @Djahrums: I think I am so into my beard that I might just have a #beardsona
  • Thu, 09:39: Oh yeah, I forgot I have to throw away my entire newsreader feed for yesterday.
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