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Dawn Arises on Our Last Day in the Hobbit Hole

The movers will be here in two and a half hours and we are woefully unprepared, despite having spent the past two weeks packing like crazy and generally driving ourselves into a frenzy.

The place to which we are moving does not have a name yet other than "Hunter's Square." It is our fourth choice: choices one and two turned us down, and choice three would have cost us $3600 over the course of the lease. Since the whole point of selling our house is to avoid bankruptcy, that seemed like $3600 we had no business paying.

Which is not to say the place is without its advantages. It is a handy location within Reston, putting us closer to Fairfax as well as chopping off a bit of laurie_robey's daily commute to Tyson's Corner. It's not really within walking distance of any workable Starbucks, but there is literally a bus stop visible from our front porch that will take me anywhere in Reston I might want to go. I just need to familiarize myself with the schedule.

So our plan for this morning is to shower (with the full knowledge that we're gonna get funky again), nip over to the new place and put up room identification tags to match the stickers on our furniture and boxes (GREEN 1 = living room, BLUE 3 = my office, etc.), then come back here and get everything that's still on our furniture off of it. Boxes of stuff, we can take over there ourselves tomorrow: it's the furniture that the movers have got to get.

Then we're going to sequester the kitties in the guestroom to minimize their trauma and keep them from getting underfoot or slipping out the door. There they will probably stay until dinnertime, which they will get as their first experience in the new house.

Wish us luck. O.o

-The Gneech
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