John "The Gneech" Robey (the_gneech) wrote,
John "The Gneech" Robey

Completely Moved Out but Not Completely Moved In

Greetings from our new home. :) The place doesn't have a name yet, although I'm thinking of referring to it as The Staircase, since we have more staircases than levels of house, and you can't get from one room to another without going up at least one and probably three flights of stairs.

At least we'll be getting exercise.

We are completely out of The Hobbit Hole and will be signing the final sale paperwork today at noon... something which this time last week I literally thought was not going to happen due to the machinations of various banks and the buyer's agent, who is the first real estate agent I've ever met who seemed to be doing everything in his power to prevent someone from buying a house.

We weren't due to have any kind of electronic connection until Thursday, but one of the many great things about laurie_robey is that she is a massive a/v geek and wasn't about to let a little thing like not knowing how to do it prevent her from installing our internet service. Verizon provided the magic box, and Laurie poked it until it worked. Easy-peasy. Cable is a little more of an issue, due to a mysterious lack of coaxial jacks in a house that was built after the discovery of fire. It may be a while before that part's operational. But really, we've got the internet, the rest is bonus materials.

The first few days have been stressful, for many reasons, with several emotional collapses a couple of physical ones, and the house is a disaster zone at the moment. Storage space is wholly inadequate, the bathrooms are wholly inadequate, the closet rails disintegrated when I tried to hang up my clothes, and we discovered a bit late that there's no microwave oven, so my breakfast was cold. The place was basically built on the cheap and its various owners have half-assed everything they did in the intervening decades, so there are... challenges... to overcome.

Laurie and I are somewhat shackled in our reactions to this by the fact that we are renting rather than own, so we don't have a simple License to Fix. But even within that rather narrow range of acceptable action, I think we will quickly find ways of reducing the suck and enhancing the awesome. It's just how we roll. I don't think we've lived in a place yet that wasn't in nicer shape when we left than when we moved in, occasionally to the owners' annoyance, simply because we have high standards and refuse to make do with broken crap.

I suspect that within three months at the outside we'll have a layout that works, have all of the major bugs worked out, and be fairly comfortable here. And if we just can't stand the stairs, by this time next year our credit rating should be recovered enough that we'll have a wider range of choices and be able to have a nice, leisurely move to somewhere better, if we decide that's what we want when it comes to "run or renew" time on the lease.

In the meantime, I need to put my shoes on and start unpacking boxes. Writing journal entries on the kitchen counter because I can't get to the dining room table is hard on the back.

-The Gneech
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