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Coming To the Surface... Briefly

Well that was a fun couple of weeks. And by fun, I mean harrowing, frightful, and exhausting. But the good news is, we're finally through it and can start working on a New Normal.

In fact, here I am at Starbucks, tapping away on the lappie like it ain't no thang. But of course, it is totally a thang.

The Hobbit Hole is sold. We are moved. We still have some outstanding change-of-address stuff to deal with, and I have got to find somewhere to claim as "my space" in a house that just doesn't have anywhere to put me (ugh), but we have made remarkable progress over the course of the past week and even had time to get in a visit to the Rathbun House and go down to the peak day of the Cherry Blossom Festival yesterday, which was beautiful and fun as always.

As for The Staircase, I keep vacillating between thinking "Ugh, this place is a disaster!" and "It'll be fine once we get it all worked out." The major difference seems to be how much sleep I've had in the past 12 hours, and whether it's a sunny day or not. In short, how I feel about the house varies with the mood. I will say without reservation that I liked the Hobbit Hole better and I'm pretty sure The Staircase will never be my favorite home. But compared to Headlands Court or (shudder) Townhouse Park, it's a warm, welcoming, roomy, and well-built home.

The real problem is the sheer verticality of the place. Everything in the house is too far away from everything else in the house, because it's all on another floor. The room I initially chose for my office is a tiny square at the end of a corridor on the top floor hidden behind the bedroom, a dark little hole that really should be a walk-in closet or (better still) a half-bath. I will not be able to work there without plunging into depression... unfortunately there's nowhere else for me to go. My next best choice would be putting my workroom into the bedroom and... just... no.

The basement will probably be fairly roomy once the forest of boxes is gone, but it's not much more appealing, being cold, low-ceilinged, and dimly-lit with flickery spotlights. Even for gaming, we're going to have to come up with about twice as many lights... we're currently looking into stringing up Christmas lights or something similar to bring some warmth and illumination down there. And again... it's isolated. The basement feels like a completely different place from the main floor, and like it's in another state entirely from the top floor.

As for the main floor, it's where my drawing table is likely to end up, shoved into a corner of the dining room because there's nowhere else to put it. laurie_robey's desk is already in the living room, and I don't want my desk in there anyway because while I want to be where I can easily interact with Laurie, I absolutely must not be able to see or hear the television most of the time, or I will turn green, grow huge, and smash the Evil Lightbox From Hell. [1]

The Hobbit Hole setup was good for this, because where the drawing table was, I could shift over a bit and see Laurie, but with my headphones on I could pretend the TV didn't exist. I'm going to try to set up the same thing in the dining room, but it's going to cause interference with the kitchen doors [2] and I'm going to have to put up heavy opaque curtains to prevent the direct sunlight that comes in from 2:30-5:30 from blinding me while I work. And of course the broken chandelier and full-length mirrors have got to go. Unfortunately, the dining room is currently occupied by, y'know, the dining room table, which also has nowhere else to go. In our optimal setup, the dining room and gaming room would be the same space and we'd toss the extra table, but the way this place is set up it's not really possible.

So, yeah, it's a work in process. We're taking lots of notes so that in a year, when we have a decent credit rating again and can hopefully move to a place more of our own choosing, we can have a list of "must haves" that will put us where we want to be.

I'm hoping to have the drawing table set up by the end of the week, so that comics can start again by the beginning of May. I then have to crunch to prepare for Furthe'More, which at least has the benefit of now being about 20 minutes away from my house. :)

-The Gneech

[1] My life-long hatred of televisions is well-documented and comes from a childhood of being traumatized by them. My favorite Whistling In the Dark strip is quite simply Art demolishing a TV with a sledgehammer, then placidly explaining to Cyrano, "It was him or me." That's pretty much how I feel about the things. When I was growing up, every TV in the house had to be on, even if there was nobody in the room, and I was constantly having wars with the rest of the family in which I'd go around the house turning them all off, only to come back into an empty room ten minutes later to find somebody had turned the TV back on and left the room again. WTF. Anyway, as an adult, I try not to be an asshole about it... I just sequester myself away from the damn thing. I know my views on the matter are extreme and I don't feel I have the right to impose them on the rest of the world.

[2] Why does the kitchen have doors? -.- Why does it even have walls? This place could be improved 200% by knocking all that crap down and putting a simple bar there.
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