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  • Sun, 14:04: My drawing table is in place! I should be able to start drawing comics again this week. <3
  • Sun, 16:09: @totallynotshy The wiki is notorious for links being broken at first. Give it 1/2 an hour to propigate.
  • Sun, 21:25: A bump into mention? Really? XD
  • Sun, 22:40: Okay, sleep needed. @laurierobey and I made huge progress on the house this weekend, but it was exhausting.
  • Sun, 22:41: And after a drought of pony time, I think I may have binged a little too much this week. I need to rethink my approach.
  • Sun, 22:42: But, that’s for another day. Now, I sleep.
  • Sun, 22:42: Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)
  • Mon, 09:10: RT @arkynfox: Attempting to load <Monday.exe> Failed. Abort/Retry/Ignore? No GiveADamns loaded. Proceed with caution.
  • Mon, 10:40: RT @balsamicvinager: how could Sony even make an accurate Smash Bros movie when they don't own the rights to me and my friends trash talkin…
  • Mon, 12:00: #Buddha and #Dasher ain't bothered by contractors workin' in the house as long as we're there with them.
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