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  • Wed, 12:12: #Buddha hoping that if he scrunches up enough the vet won't know he's here.
  • Wed, 12:32: RT @jakebe: Opening Up the Hidden Heart
  • Wed, 15:27: Finally saw Sat’s ep. It was good. :) I was amused at the callbacks… and somewhat surprised by Fluttershy’s choices.
  • Wed, 15:30: Watched it to distract self from #Buddha’s vet visit still in progress. Seriousness TBD; hoping for the best, but danger is real.
  • Wed, 23:03: Buddha’s home and feeling fine for the moment. We’re hoping his tummy troubles are IBD, which calls for steroids but is not catastrophic.
  • Wed, 23:04: We’ll get the diagnosis in 3-5 days. Meanwhile, he’s getting plenty of cuddles and noms.
  • Wed, 23:04: Anyway, off to bed for now. Got a day full of stuff tomorrow, and I might actually work a little, too. Gah!
  • Wed, 23:05: Gnite and have an awesome tomorrow.
  • Thu, 08:01: I can totally see a whip being Trixie’s prop of choice.
  • Thu, 08:06: Sooooo @paulfeig… when do we see the new Slimer?
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