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  • Mon, 14:57: I wanna muck around with D&D today! Which would be fine except I should be, y’know, doing my actual job.
  • Mon, 15:25: Etsy shop sold a button, w00t! Time to rake in that sweet, sweet $2.50.
  • Mon, 15:28: I’d happily take the latter, if that’s an option!
  • Mon, 15:30: RT @RealTimConway: No one deserves it more, I say this because she still pays but also because she does deserve it.
  • Mon, 15:46: RT @MLP_Dinky: Our first case, @MLP_GiantCrab vs. the owners of @MLP_Roadhouse.
  • Mon, 15:46: RT @MLP_Dinky: Giant crab claims that it should be able to claim salvage rights on the Roadhouse, to use as his new home.
  • Mon, 15:46: RT @MLP_Dinky: And that the owners prevented this, and threatened to cook him in butter.
  • Mon, 15:46: RT @MLP_Dinky: It is the court's decision that the owners of the Roadhouse acted accordingly, and Giant Crab was in fact, being a big meani…
  • Mon, 15:46: RT @MLP_Dinky: You can't claim salvage rights on an inhabited location, Giant Crab. Ponies live there, and you can't just take that away fr…
  • Mon, 15:46: RT @MLP_Dinky: They had every right to defend their home, and attack your glowing spot for massive damage.
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