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  • Thu, 01:32: Whenever I feel nostalgic for pre-3.x D&D, I pull out Baldur’s Gate or IWD and remember why I cheered at 3.0’s arrival.
  • Thu, 01:33: 1e was a gaming revolution; 2e had some great worldbuilding and both had some amazing adventures. But the rules were painful nonsense.
  • Thu, 01:34: Anyway, having now ruminated on stuff that only nerds like me cared about, 15 years ago, I think it’s time for bed. ;)
  • Thu, 01:35: Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)
  • Thu, 01:38: RT @rotka_g: 디즈니 클레식, 로빈후드~! 작업실가서 손그림 열심히 그릴것 후후
  • Thu, 01:41: RT @cinemasins: I LOVE this insanely detailed fan theory about Edna Mode in The Incredibles. Not sure I buy it, but I love it.
  • Thu, 09:21: Weekly Weigh-In, Gettin' Myself Back Together Edition
  • Thu, 11:52: You had one job.
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