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  • Mon, 23:03: RT @radleybalko: Number of police officers killed by firearms in 2015: 21 Number of people killed by police since Wednesday: 24 http://…
  • Mon, 23:24: RT @Spacekatgal: White people, what’s happening in #Ferguson is life and death. Please share this and think about it #BlackLivesMatter http…
  • Mon, 23:35: Managed to squeeze out another 500-ish words. Didn’t quite hit 10,000 as I was hoping, but not a bad harvest for the day.
  • Mon, 23:36: Only two more chapters to go in the first act, but they’re kinda biggish ones.
  • Mon, 23:39: I wish! I meant hitting 10,000 total.
  • Mon, 23:40: Why would you need to slow down? O.o
  • Mon, 23:41: There are writers who can crank out 5,000+ words in a day regularly. I have hit that speed a few times myself, but never sustained it.
  • Mon, 23:44: I’ll be very interested to see my beta reading team’s reaction to this piece. It’s quite different from my usual fare.
  • Mon, 23:45: It’s kind of “Pirates of the Caribbean Meets 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” with a dash of “Legend of Korra” tossed in.
  • Mon, 23:47: Pulp high adventure. Literary value questionable at best, but I’d like to think there’s some depth to it.
  • Mon, 23:50: Yay! A customer! ;D I’d better write some more tomorrow, then!
  • Mon, 23:53: Random writing-related thought. @StephenAtHome recently described his work as “harvesting laughter for a living.” Which I think is awesome.
  • Mon, 23:54: I’m not sure exactly the term for what I harvest as someone not writing comedy. I harvest emotional connection? Still working on that.
  • Mon, 23:54: But it’s a neat and interesting way to look at being a professional writer.
  • Mon, 23:55: I’m going to have to flesh out that idea later, when it’s not almost midnight. ;) Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow.
  • Tue, 09:20: o/` No one works off his sins in Hades like @MyWhatAGuy… o/`
  • Tue, 09:57: I was always baffled by Luke’s line “I am a Jedi, like my father before me.” The movies’ whole point was what a rotten Jedi Anakin was!
  • Tue, 10:23: RT @muskrat_john: If the Military used Star Wars terminology, the Navy would be Water Troopers, the Air Force Air Troopers, and the cooks F…
  • Tue, 10:31: Pull a lever. PUSH A BUTTON!
  • Tue, 11:44: RT @deniseunicorn: So.. what I'm getting from the Zap2It website.. is that MLP:FiM will be starting back up on September 12th? .. Cool.. :)
  • Tue, 11:54: RT @sblackmoore: Gemini: Your inability to discern fantasy from reality will help when your town is attacked by a dragon and everyone else …
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