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  • Sat, 20:25: Neat. :)
  • Sat, 23:17: Broke down and drew a hex map of Calypsitania and environs. To accommodate airship speeds, scale of 120 miles/hex. #AmWriting
  • Sat, 23:19: Using hex map broke down acts 1-2 into day-by-day breakdown based on where the airship could go when. Now see needed revisions. #AmWriting
  • Sat, 23:20: Also can see likely prowl route for pirates, which is an added bonus. Can also see acts 3-4 will not work as planned. #AmWriting
  • Sat, 23:24: OTOH new possibilities present themselves. Cool part of the setting that didn’t get to be in the book before suddenly in range. #AmWriting
  • Sat, 23:27: Dunno if I’ll be able to work on it any tomorrow but I hope so. Not sure if I will work on act one rewrites or act 3-4 outlining. #AmWriting
  • Sat, 23:29: In other news, I seem to be missing the Hugos. And by “missing” I mean, “Oh yeah, the Hugos are a thing.” ^.^'
  • Sat, 23:29: I hope that maybe they’ll be relevant to me sometime in the next five years. We’ll see!
  • Sat, 23:30: Ah well. Life carries on. Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)
  • Sun, 00:25: And now it's time for Gneech After Dark. By which I mean with the lights off 'cos it's late and I should be asleep.
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