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  • Sun, 12:26: Hey, Past Me: Thanks for putting in that bit even though you didn’t know what it was for. Using it now! –Present Me #AmWriting
  • Sun, 12:31: Exactly so. :)
  • Sun, 19:27: I was gonna say “I wish I were going to Dragon*Con” but it’s only partly true. So… I wish I were going to the parts of D*C in the Westin.
  • Sun, 19:28: I wish I were going to WestinCon.
  • Sun, 20:14: My book has a real stuck-in-the-middle problem. The ending I thought I was writing towards turned out to not work. #AmWriting
  • Sun, 20:16: For lack of better direction I’m just writing out a bunch of stuff the characters do now, until something turns into plot again. #AmWriting
  • Sun, 20:17: Expect a lot will end up on the cutting room floor but until I get out of the mire and re-outline, I can’t see a better solution. #AmWriting
  • Sun, 20:47: Cool! More details here.
  • Sun, 20:54: Book: They do the thing. Me: But I don’t want them to do the thing! Book: But doing the thing makes sense. Me: But– Book: DO. #AmWriting
  • Sun, 20:55: Me: How do I avoid them doing the thing? Book: Give them a good reason to do something else instead. Me: I’ll... get back to you. #AmWriting
  • Mon, 11:25: RT @pbsideachannel: Some of these Trigger Warnings in Academia blog posts outline a weird kind of un-interrogated disconnect:
  • Mon, 11:25: RT @pbsideachannel: They’ll start with the claim that “millennials” (or whatever) don’t want to confront any of the things that make them u…
  • Mon, 11:25: RT @pbsideachannel: But then also grouse about the obsession “millennials” (or whatever) have with discussing all the things they consider …
  • Mon, 11:27: I have not heard from the @FurryFiesta dealer room app, so I’m assuming I didn’t get in. Alas!
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