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  • Sun, 20:18: RT @matociquala: Then we all discovered that getting the art in your head outside into the world in a form we can recognize is a nearly imp…
  • Sun, 20:18: RT @matociquala: Also, it turns out the world is full of people who have strong opinions about how they want other people to art.
  • Sun, 20:19: RT @InspectrCaracal: "you'll only be internet-lynched if you're a bigot!" oh sweet naive strawman, how wrong you are
  • Sun, 22:59: 63,900+ words, and I’m still in the middle of the big finish. I don’t want to stop, but dammit, it’s 11:00. -.- #AmWriting
  • Sun, 23:00: It’s a good bet the first draft will be finished tomorrow. Then comes the hard part: putting it down for a while! #AmWriting
  • Sun, 23:01: My protagonists have at least finally kissed. Briefly, and in a jail cell, but it counts. #AmWriting
  • Sun, 23:03: But I must tear myself away, as I need to put away the laundry before going to sleep. :P
  • Sun, 23:03: So, gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. I love ya. <3
  • Mon, 07:44: Avatar: The Last Air-Binger
  • Mon, 07:53: Pleased to be of service! ;)
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