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  • Wed, 23:34: I also don’t want “a massive doorstop of a book broken into three parts.” Those are great for people who like ‘em, I’m not one. #AmWriting
  • Wed, 23:36: My ideal model: each book would be enjoyable read on its own, but have “bonus content” for those who’ve read what’s come before. #AmWriting
  • Wed, 23:37: Can I pull it off? Dunno! Gonna try tho. :) #AmWriting
  • Wed, 23:39: In other news: if the debates were half as bad as my Twitter feed suggests, they must have been mighty bad indeed. Glad I missed ‘em. O.o
  • Wed, 23:42: At some point I may wade into the upcoming election, but it is not this night. O.o Now, I must try to sleep on a wobbly marshmallow.
  • Wed, 23:43: Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. Don’t let the turkeys get you down!
  • Thu, 09:43: "The Price Is Right" is a waste of a great talent like Wayne Brady. What the heck, TV?
  • Thu, 09:46: Sorry, that's "Let's Make a Deal," not "Price Is Right." Same thing still applies.
  • Thu, 09:48: I am giving you all very judgemental looks for knowing the difference between "The Price Is Right" v. "Let's Make a Deal." :P
  • Thu, 09:56: Me too!
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