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  • Sun, 08:20: RT @erikburnham: Let this be the song stuck in your head today:
  • Sun, 08:40: Making a list of people who are now or who have been important in my life, looking for patterns and clues. The results have been surprising.
  • Sun, 08:42: Someone you’ve known since childhood can barely be a cipher, while someone you met a month ago can be a soulmate. It’s weird.
  • Sun, 08:45: There’s one person on this list I only knew for a year or two when I was 10, but made a serious impression.
  • Sun, 08:45: More specifically, he did serious damage.
  • Sun, 08:46: Bestie one day, bully who despises you the next. Does serious hurt to a 10 year old.
  • Sun, 08:50: 35 years later I still get flashbacks to that jerkwad. :P
  • Sun, 09:26: Message from subconscious: “That’s enough for today. Go do something else now.” Me: “Okay. At least we’re talking again. I missed you."
  • Sun, 09:55: RT @nancykress: This is the first step. It will happen, somewhere, soon. Genies don't go back into bottles.
  • Sun, 11:16: I shall now rewatch yesterday’s #MLPFIM. BECAUSE IT WAS AWESOME.
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