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Reincarnation Report

Went through the Brian Weiss video again, this time with headphones on and Buddha in my lap. I didn't drift into sleep this time, and actually got some images, which was good. Of course the phone rang near the end and poked a hole in my concentration, because phones are a plague on mankind. But I was able to mostly ignore it and keep going.

Healing Light In my mind, the healing light is a blue-green color, something like the ambient light of scuba diving.

Garden The image I got here was actually a pretty specific setting of a real-world restaurant with planters and trees in it. The restaurant in question also inspired the "Midas and Maenad" hotel that appears in my most recent novel, which is probably why it was fresh in my mind. I have a lot of thoughts about that restaurant, which I'll probably delve into at some point soon.

Childhood Experience Two came up this time. The main one was of a cedar shrub that was just outside the back door at Odgenland when I was growing up. I was a toddler, maybe three or four, and I would climb into the shrub and hide in there. I would occasionally sit on one of the branches, and bounce up and down like it was a seesaw. Of course it wouldn't be my life without the attached memory of my mom telling me not to do that because it was going to kill her plant. When Brian asks why this memory came up and what lessons it imparted, my mind quickly answered with, "Obviously, there is no action so innocent that I can't be made to feel guilty about it."

Unfortunately, the second memory has slipped away now. I remember that it was at Shrevewood School, which would make it between the ages of 5 and 8. Something about a sink in the classroom.

In Utero The only solid image I got here was the sensation of some gurgling noises, but that certainly makes sense. I also got a vaguer impression of my surroundings being brighter when he said to remember being born. Post-birth I didn't have any direct memories, but I did recall being told about the way I used to say "Ungie! Ungie!" even in the hospital and how my parents assumed this meant that I was hungry all the time. (And grew up overweight. Again with the toxic parenting, much?)

Garden and Door to Past Lives I got the image of a green craftsman-style door with ivy hanging around it, probably straight off of one of my Pinterest boards.

Previous Life Imagery I actually got something here. I didn't encounter a very defined sort of "self," but I did imagine a place. Specifically it was some sort of a town surrounded by forested hills, particularly "behind" me which was almost a sheer rock face. There was a two-story building on a street corner, the bottom floor of which was almost entirely open. The imagery shifted once or twice: at first I assumed the building was some sort of stable, but on second look it appeared to be possibly a bakery or pastry shop. Then I thought perhaps there were actually two buildings, one next to the other, with the pastry shop being actually on the corner, and the stables being next to it. When asked to "look down at my shoes," I did see some narrow black riding boots, which would fit with the stable idea. The only other person I saw was a woman, who was walking away from me. She was dressed in 1700s working class garb and carrying a bundle away from where I was, towards the main town, which was up a hill. I got the impression that this was revolutionary-era Virginia or Boston, although it was not a proper city so much as a busy town.

There might have been more, but I think it was sometime around here that the phone rang, knocking me out of it for a moment. By the time I recovered, this segment of the exercise was ending.

Spirit Guide Aunt Iris, of course, it's her every time. I've never met anyone else who actually gave unconditional love (although I know several people who do their best). mammalammadevil was there too. There wasn't much really to say on either end: I just told them both that I missed the hell out of them, and they responded with hugs. Some tears came of that.

And that was it. Not exactly a tale for the ages perhaps, but at least I got something. :)

-The Gneech
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