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Too Much To Do List

I fly out to MFF tomorrow at Oh God O'Clock, which means I have to get my preparations done today. Unfortunately, I also work from 2-8, which means I've got very limited time and a lot to get done in it. So here's the agenda for today, me!

  1. Post SJ to FA

  2. Transfer funds for the rent

  3. Laundry (if applicable)

  4. Gather and pack artist alley materials
    • Pens and markers

    • Badge stock

    • Books

    • Buttons

    • Cash box

    • iPad & Square Reader

    • Sketchbook(s)

  5. Gather and pack clothes & other items
    • Laptop

    • Chargers

    • Razor

    • CPAP

    • Meds

    • Propafenone

  6. AJ/Coloratura scene in the TP if possible Punt! Alas. :(

  7. Go to work :P

...Was there anything else? I can't remember. :P



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Dec. 3rd, 2015 05:34 am (UTC)
good luck on the trip, have fun and make good sales and doodles!

make sure you have your badge, too. :}

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