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Fandom February! (Too Much To Do List)

It's February 1st, which means it's time for the monthly agenda post!

This month's big focus is going to be on identifying, shoring up, and generally focusing my "personal brand," for lack of a better term– hence my declaration of Fandom February. When the original Suburban Jungle was at its peak, there was a definite identity to the SJ fandom, largely centered on the forums. There was a "SJ fan code," our own rituals (notably the Welcome Pineapple from Chad Hershey and liberal use of the phrase "Are you crazy, is that your problem?") and so forth.

A lot of that energy dissipated when SJ ended, but also because the nature of online fandom changed. Forums are not really a thing any more, with online interaction having factionalized into groups on Facebook, groups on Twitter, groups on Tumblr, groups on FA/DA etc., etc. And of course, I no longer have the World-Moving Juggernaut Power of Mammallamadevil acting as my confidant/publicist/merchandiser/room party organizer.

But that doesn't mean fandom is gone, by any stretch! It just means I have to retool how I connect with my readers, and how I get my readers to connect with each other. There's no way I can keep up with it all by myself, but the great thing about having awesome fans, is that I don't have to.

To that end, I'm working on a plan which, in my usual needlessly overblown way, I'm calling "Operation Jungloid Army!" My goal is to get my readers to also become advocates and evangelists, spreading the word about Suburban Jungle and my other projects, and growing the audience. Let's get back to that place of having a fandom identity, and grow it even further!

I'll be expanding on this in the upcoming weeks, both here and among my Patreon supporters, but in the meantime please post ideas and suggestions! After all, the point is to get you involved in the process, so please hop in!

As for the rest of the month's plan...

  1. Fandom February/Operation Jungloid Army

  2. Patreon Raffle: Avatar Commish

  3. 5+ RH pages

  4. Sky Pirates revisions

  5. AC conbook art

  6. Resolve lease

  7. Clean out basement

  8. Taxes (including PA/IL)

  9. California trip! :D :D :D

  10. MRI

  11. Surgery

...That's a lot. O.o Better get on it!

January In Review

January was a good month for getting things done! Not everything that was on last month's post got accomplished, alas, but a lot of things that weren't on the list did, which is one of those things that takes getting used to about these lists.

List As Written

  1. Turn in notice at Starbucks.

  2. Reorganize Patreon.

  3. KarmaKat commish.

  4. Redliox commish.

  5. Inkblitzer commish.

  6. 5+ Rough Housing pages. (Partial success: drew two.)

  7. Final Sky Pirates second draft revisions.

  8. Clean bedroom.

  9. Taxes! Blugh.

Things Also Accomplished Not On the List

  1. Started a Bullet Journal which I have been using to great effect.

  2. Collected notes and ideas from a babillion different notebooks scattered all over to said journal.

  3. Acquired a new URL for a project I hope to do soon. (Can't say what! Spoilers!)

  4. Arranged heart ablation surgery.

  5. Repaired a broken kitchen shelf.

So! A pretty big month. And February will be just as big if not bigger!

-The Gneech
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