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Pacific Coast Highway, Day Four

I officially regret all the years I wasted living in Virginia that I could have spent living in California. Just sayin'.

Today was super-foggy and cold– for sufficient values of cold. At somewhere around 50°, I was still in short sleeves but the locals were going on about how freezing it was. It was adorable. <3

Anyway, laurie_robey and I were up and off to Capitola for a Starbucks breakfast, mainly because we didn't trust the hotel not to charge us an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, given the fog, we barely saw any more of Capitola in the morning than we did the previous night... but that would be remedied.

From there we took the same Hecker Pass Highway to Gilroy as last night, but doing it in the daylight was a very different experience from sleep depping it in the dark. ;D We picked up sirfox and pocket_entropy and headed off into Gilroy to poke around at some of the scenic views, then headed into Morgan Hill (which I cannot ever remember the name of :P) for a very nice lunch at Rosa's At the Beach and then... back to Capitola, woo-hoo! ;D

On the way we pulled into a sweet little spot named Scotts Valley for a pitstop, where we explored a Starbucks (of course), the supermarket, and a chocolate shop. I declared to our traveling companions, "This is a nice Starbucks. I could see myself coming here every day and writing all the things."

From there it was about fifteen minutes in to Capitola, but this time we were there with an eye for stopping and seriously looking around. We got out of the car and strolled up Opal Cliff Drive, which was all sorts of amazing. We went out over the cliffs, saw some super-friendly dogs, and Sirfie bought a cactus. Then we went down into the tourist strip so Candy could pick up a little something, and then it was back around Watsonville and into Gilroy again. We dropped off Candy, and the three of us remaining went off to San José so Laurie and I could check in to our hotel and then we trucked over to Andy's Pit Barbecue in Santa Clara.

Sitting at the table at Andy's, I slipped into afib again. -.- This is the first time I can recall it happening while I was awake, and it was a most unpleasant sensation. We went ahead and ordered dinner while I put in a page to my electro-cardiologist.

Much meat munched, we toddled back to the hotel have some "It's It" ice cream treats on Sirfie's recommendation, and he did not steer us wrong. Much discussion was had from there about the differences between the east and west coasts, job plans, and other such chit-chattery. My electro-cardiologist called back and told me to go ahead and take my "afib episode" meds, try to get some rest, and hopefully I would convert back to sinus rhythm on my own. (As of this post, alas, I have not.)

Finally, Sirfie was kind enough to join us in a trip over to the airport to drop off our rental car, which entailed many, many, many spirals. Pretty sure we must have turned widdershins enough times to cast about six spells... I wonder just which spells they were. ¬.¬

Now we're about to konk out for our last overnight in California, to hop on a flight in the morning. I hope the afib doesn't make it too hard for me to sleep– and doubly so for the propafenone. Unfortunately, we can't pick up the kitties from their boarding stay until Monday morning, which is also when I'm supposed to call the doctor back if I haven't converted out of afib by then (but I really, really hope I have, ugh).

It's been a great trip, California. I love ya. :) I'll post pics when we've got 'em all viewable.

Now, g'nite world, and have an awesome tomorrow.

-The Gneech
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