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Pacific Coast Highway, Day Five

Welp, it's 20° and snowing back here in northern Virginia, and I ain't even mad. I brought home all the awesomeness, love, and sunshine I need. <3

We woke up early at the La Quinta Inn San José Airport, which is overall a nice hotel but which had a few problematic quirks, such as a ticking refrigerator in the room and not exactly comfortable pillows, but on the other hand they gave us quite a nice breakfast included with the room; I've certainly be charged a lot more and received a lot less, so they get points for that. From there it was off to the airport and onto the plane to be whisked off to Las Vegas airport.

As I tweeted at the time, "I'm sure it's great for the people who like it, but I don't get Las Vegas." We grabbed some National Chain Fast Food Lunch™ and sat around the airport for two hours, listening to a bank of slot machines shout, "WHEEL! OF! FORTUNE!" every 75 seconds. I did enjoy toddling through the "Life is Good" store, about which I have many thoughts and feelings I'll post some other day. The highlight of the layover was one of the Southwest gate employees saying, "This is flight 323 from Baltimore. If you've never seen anyone from Baltimore before, this is what they look like." Oh, Southwest, you silly silly airline.

The rest of the day was spent crunched into the very back of the plane, because that's where laurie_robey and I could find seats together, headed home. I read The Mysterious Affair At Giles by Kyell Gold, and quite enjoyed it. If "queer furry Agatha Christie" sounds like an awesome thing to you, you'll enjoy it too. Then we landed at Dulles and stepped out into the snow and below-freezing temperatures. :D

Neither Laurie nor I really mind the cold and snow, although obviously even we get sick of it after a while, but it did make for an amusing contrast (and of course sirfox rubbed our faces in it by texting "Sun and hummingbirds here, today..." in response to our pinging him about it). What we hate about D.C. are the summers, and that's the one regret I have about this trip: I wanted it to happen in August. February is pretty much California at its best, and for the purposes of this trip I wanted to see it at its worst.

On the other hand, we might be able to swing a banzai trip out there just for a weekend or something in August or September, we'll just have to see how things are at that point. We already have Dragon*Con locked in for this year, but the rest of our late summer is still in flux.

This trip has been a big moment for me, with a lot of factors coming together that I have been trying to weave, push, or nudge into place for a long time, and it's going to have big ripples down the road. In the immediate future, it's given me a lot of ideas for Suburban Jungle, my merchandising efforts, and my career in general and given me a focused goal to move towards, as opposed to the kinda structureless flailing that has characterized my life over the past several years.

Life is good. And I'm glad you're around to share it with me. :)

-The Gneech
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