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  • Mon, 08:54: Since weekend posts tend to get lost– Zootopia is Legit Furry Literature
  • Mon, 09:03: RT @_youhadonejob1: If video games have taught me anything, rotating these manhole covers to the correct position will unlock a door. https…
  • Mon, 09:26: “Yerf and Surf” is probably the best summary of Rough Housing, ever.
  • Mon, 09:36: Days when art just magically flows from your fingers can end up being the most frustrating, because of the 99% of the time it DOESN’T. -.-
  • Mon, 09:40: On the other hand, the great thing about building up a body of work, is you can yoink a piece that worked well and use it again. �.�
  • Mon, 09:40: Copy/paste, come to me now!
  • Mon, 09:45: It’s been two weeks since I did any drawing, I need to cut myself some slack.
  • Mon, 09:45: RT @TheOnion: American People Hire High-Powered Lobbyist To Push Interests In Congress
  • Mon, 09:48: I will admit I’m kinda frustrated that even with SJ as theoretically my day job, I spend such long swaths of time not able to work on it. :P
  • Mon, 09:50: I sorta feel like I should buy/rent a studio space that I “go to” and can’t do anything but work there.
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