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  • Thu, 07:54: World, I am just gonna crush it today. You have no idea. So how are you? Awesome, I hope!
  • Thu, 08:06: RT @mlp_Soarin: Hel-LO, fillies! How are you? Fantastic. Soarin here, with one question, and one question only: EXPLOSIONS???
  • Thu, 08:06: RT @mlp_Soarin: Can your colt be fired from a cannon, walk away from an exploding building while coolly adjusting his shades, or jump throu…
  • Thu, 08:06: RT @mlp_Soarin: Of course not. Don't be ridiculous. But with ColtSpice's new LIFE OF DANGER, he can SMELL like he does!
  • Thu, 08:07: RT @mlp_Soarin: Developed alongside some of the best chemists in the Dragonlands, LIFE OF DANGER combines teakwood and the musky scent of b…
  • Thu, 08:07: RT @mlp_Soarin: Want your colt to smell like a Wonderbolt whose just had a narrow escape from fiery death? Then get him LIFE OF DANGER toda…
  • Thu, 08:07: RT @mlp_Soarin: Tell 'em "Soarin Sent Ya." *waggles eyebrows* *ColtSpice jingle plays*
  • Thu, 08:31: Crunching some numbers here in Srs Writer Mode after getting that crazy ghost writer gig offer last night. Working out the math.
  • Thu, 08:56: RT @KDBryan: If you replace the words "Millennials" and "social media" with "otters" and "Nerf footballs", 80% of online thinkpieces become…
  • Thu, 09:10: The Going Rate Arrives:
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