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  • Mon, 21:15: So the classes are Brain, Brawn, Guts, Moves, and Wit instead of Smart Hero, Strong Hero, Tough Hero, etc.
  • Mon, 21:16: Brain and Guts killed “Dedicated Hero” and took his stuff. I can see what the d20 Modern writers wanted, but it doesn’t really work.
  • Mon, 21:17: I’ve also radically changed the Ghost Die, which dates all the way back to the original WEG game from 1985.
  • Mon, 21:18: In every version until now, including the Savage Worlds one, rolling a ghost has made something bad happen. In GB5E, it’s an auto-crit.
  • Mon, 21:18: Class abilities in GB5E will enable you to roll a Ghost Die (or to give other players a Ghost Die) like a bard’s Inspiration Dice.
  • Mon, 21:19: That way the Ghost Die becomes something fun, instead of being hit by the middle finger of God.
  • Mon, 21:20: The real challenge is the CR/level math. My goal is to be able to use foes right out of the 5E Monster Manual.
  • Mon, 21:20: But Ghostbusters don’t have wizard spells for blasting, magic weapons for bypassing resistance, or cleric healing.
  • Mon, 21:21: To get around that, I’ve declared that proton packs do radiant damage. That instantly gives the PCs a weapon against spooks.
  • Mon, 21:23: Also, the Wit class does morale-boosting “healing,” giving them something to do besides make wisecracks.
  • Mon, 21:24: In GB5E, hit point damage is basically considered burning up your luck, getting roughed up but not really hurt, etc.
  • Mon, 21:24: Actual injuries inflict conditions, usually poisoned or exhaustion.
  • Mon, 21:25: Getting reduced to 0 hp knocks you out. Three failed death saves put you “down for the count” and means you go to the hospital.
  • Mon, 21:27: Still, I think it’s gonna be fun. :)
  • Mon, 21:27: The rules will assume characters start at 3rd level, but my actual game (assuming we can pick it up again) will start at 6th.
  • Mon, 21:28: Mainly ‘cos my Ghostbusters campaign has already been running for something like four years and the PCs have XP coming!
  • Mon, 21:29: RT @staypuft: A giant marshmallow tweeting again is the greatest thing to happen to Twitter since the birth of the gif.
  • Mon, 21:29: Anyhow! More details to come as more progress is made. Now, I need to hit the hay. So g’nite world, and have an awesome tomorrow!
  • Mon, 22:18: RT @mikemearls: Back to Monday D&D. Party's plan - hurl a coffin containing a vampire at their hated, ogre mage enemy. Glad to see nothing…
  • Mon, 22:22: RT @TheRock: Thank you universe. I was on set this morning ready to start our shooting day when I got word…
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