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  • Sat, 12:01: RT @pixelkitties: Well, that was quite an episode. I'm sure my companion here will be shipping this like Amazon Prime. https://t.co/nuOQt7
  • Sat, 12:01: Can we just appreciate for a minute that Trixie expected to die, there? And that this is a kid’s show? #MLPSeason6
  • Sat, 12:05: RT @MLP_Trixie: Spoilers: Trixie steals twilights princessness becomes god ruler of the universe
  • Sat, 12:09: I like that Trixie’s reformed, but still kind of a problem pony. She didn’t just have the switch in her back set to “good.” #MLPSeason6
  • Sat, 14:14: RT @applejinx: @the_gneech Two ponies went to very dark places over sophisticated intentions-vs-actions angst. Amazingly good writing for t…
  • Sat, 14:14: RT @applejinx: @the_gneech Meaning: of COURSE both Starlight and Trixie are tsundere and emotionally fragile, they have reason to be. And,…
  • Sat, 14:26: RT @NPR: It is unclear whether the animals are trying to stop humanity from unlocking the secrets of the universe.
  • Sat, 14:26: RT @carlreiner: Am off to screen DEAD MEN DONT WEAR PLAID @ Egyptian Theater, Q&A & a book signing of WHY & WHEN HE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW WAS…
  • Sat, 14:32: RT @Nya_mooon: 「おぉ、あなたは」 https://t.co/VKkjmh7zir
  • Sat, 17:33: Hmm. So, besides Gadgeteer, what are possible non-magical careers for an Int-based class in a d20 Modern/monster hunting context?
  • Sun, 10:40: Sherlock Holmes, who I’ll come back to; Spock, who is full of psychic powers besides just being a know-it-all...
  • Sun, 10:42: Nicola Tesla (gadgeteer), Dexter (gadgeteer), The Brain (gadgeteer)...
  • Sun, 10:43: Anyone who’s not a full-fledged wizard (a la Twilight Sparkle/Merlin) is basically a techno-wizard (gadgeteer) with only a few exceptions.
  • Sun, 10:44: That leaves us with the Sherlock Holmes types, whose ability boils down to being “super good at figuring out puzzles."
  • Sun, 10:44: See also Velma Dinkley, and arguably The Doctor, although he dabbles in gadgeteering too.
  • Sun, 10:45: “Phenomenal cosmic power! But still doesn’t get invited to parties." https://t.co/vioEn53n1s
  • Sun, 10:46: Anyway! Being “super good at figuring out puzzles” is difficult to translate to a game mechanic. Like being charming and witty.
  • Sun, 10:47: It’s one of those things where the player has to be able to at least fake it themselves, or the character doesn’t really work.
  • Sun, 10:47: Heh! That’s an interesting notion. :) https://t.co/CVF86T9BI4
  • Sun, 10:49: Yeah, the core class already has a “Plan” ability that basically acts like a bard’s inspiration bonus. https://t.co/jsv0xapRBC
  • Sun, 10:50: RT @UsefulAmy: Dear @neilhimself , Thanks for allowing #Stardust the movie to happen, because it may not be perfect but it makes me so happ…
  • Sun, 10:51: So far the class has the ability to create plans (giving the team bardic inspiration-style bonuses)...
  • Sun, 10:52: A bunch of saving throw and emergency mobility bonuses to make them more durable (because they’re squishy in terms of hit points)...
  • Sun, 10:54: Then there’s specializations, which is what I’m working on now. One tree is gadgeteering, that’s covered already.
  • Sun, 10:54: The next tree is “anatomist” which gives healing abilities and damage bonuses kinda like a cleric or paladin.
  • Sun, 10:55: I’d like to do one more specialization tree based on the “know everything and figure out puzzles” archetype, but that’s the tricky bit.
  • Sun, 10:57: I mean, the whole GUMSHOE RPG is built around the problem of “how do you make figuring out clues interesting” and it’s still tricky!
  • Sun, 10:58: “Jinkeys: Once per long rest, when the GM calls for an Investigation check, you automatically succeed.” Yay?
  • Sun, 11:03: That’s kind of my touchstone for this archetype: “Create the Velma class, and make it fun to play."
  • Sun, 11:04: What does Velma do? She finds clues, she figures out what they mean, she says “Jinkeys!”, she comes up with plans to catch the badguy.
  • Sun, 11:05: All of which is kinda baked into the core class to begin with, ‘cause every other brainy archetype does the same stuff, plus make gadgets.
  • Sun, 11:05: Velma needs to be double-dog-good at the stuff that everyone in the class already does.
  • Sun, 11:08: Puts a lot on the GM to determine what is a “flash of insight” and not a dead giveaway. See DnD’s “augury” spell. https://t.co/6P9mtYMyQq
  • Sun, 11:09: For context, I’m working on my 5E Ghostbusters conversion, so I’m also trying to work out abilities that fit the 5E philosophy.
  • Sun, 11:11: 5E favors simple but concrete mechanics that have high impact. Nebulous things like “give a clue” are not its thing.
  • Sun, 11:11: 5E pretty much assumes that all that stuff is happening on the player level.
  • Sun, 11:12: Yup, and tough to quantify! Hence the challenge of designing the class. :) https://t.co/xQBaAYmhGy
  • Sun, 11:12: Also one of the reasons Monte Cook’s Cthulhu d20 conversion fell flat, IMO. But that’s a rabbithole for another discussion.
  • Sun, 11:13: RT @tigerknight: New art: Lunden https://t.co/P72Mjdd6CJ https://t.co/A3q3USSTi9
  • Sun, 11:15: I’ve been looking at lot at CoC for my queues here, actually. Because for 30+ years it’s been the go-to game for “figuring clues” action.
  • Sun, 11:15: But CoC, at least as classically done, kinda ducks the whole issue by having a minimalistic percentile skill system and the “idea roll."
  • Sun, 11:16: (CoC then has some of the most painful combat rules in the world for when the action sequences start, go fig. It’s a weird game.)
  • Sun, 11:18: In short: CoC says “Uhhh… GMs and players work it out.” Leaving one to wonder why they bought the book. XD
  • Sun, 11:41: Basically, it boils down to, “How do I make being super-good at finding clues have the same impact as being able to build explodey gadgets?"
  • Sun, 11:42: ‘cos unless you have the most hardcore “investigation and RP uber alles” players in the world, damage dice will always trump.


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