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Another Day of the Rest of Your Life

Welp, we'll still got about a day's worth of serious work to do back at The Staircase, but we both need a day that doesn't involve driving back to Virginia, so we're spending it at (our new) home assembling the library (and probably making a run to Ikea to get a few bits of supplementary furniture). We've also got a precious few hours of actual sunlight, which I am trying to soak up like a sponge.

So what do we think of the new place so far? Well I can't speak for laurie_robey because we haven't really talked about it, but a bit to my surprise I think I'm actually going to like it a lot better than the Staircase. Yes, that place was a bit larger and had hardwood floors rather than carpets, but the layout was super-awkward and, as has been famously observed, every room was on a different floor. This place has better windows, a layout that enables me to face Laurie when I'm sitting at my desk instead of spending all my time with my back to her, and a neighborhood that doesn't set off all my paranoia buttons.

It does need some serious tweaking and renovation. I don't know if the previous tenants just abused the place or what, but there is a general "seen better days"-ness to most of the fixtures and appurtenances. The shower plumbing can literally be shoved through the wall with almost no effort, the blinds are battered and fall off with the slightest provocation, and so on. (I already repaired the shower head when it came off in my hand.) I expect to be getting a lot of practice in my Mr. Fixit skills, but as that was something I wanted to do anyway, it's just as well.

We're still getting to know the neighborhood. After spending 20+ years living fairly near the old stomping grounds of where I grew up, we were pretty used to knowing where everything was, what the local politics were like, etc. So far we've found some generic chain places we're familiar with, a funky and cool farmer's-markety thing, the local public library, and some pet supply places, so we've got most of the bare necessities covered.

Oh! And a Starbucks for writing in. That's an important detail.

So, we're getting settled in and we're doing all right. Tomorrow we're going to rent a truck for the last gasp of getting stuff out of the old place, and hopefully next week we get back to regular life of some sort.

-The Gneech


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May. 16th, 2016 07:01 am (UTC)
-_- i left it in better shape, i'm guessing you're right about two years of folks going a bit rough on the place. Keep any receipts. Have an eye out for what sort of blinds would fit that rather odd window geometry better. I'll look into a shower refurbishment. let me know how the dishwasher resolves.

You have good neighbors. :} the loop up cinnamon, down mateney and back is good exercise, has more vertical to it than it seems at first. got a lot of good exercise on that.

May. 16th, 2016 11:18 am (UTC)
The neighbors do indeed all seem very nice. :)

re: the shower, Laurie found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vB_nhtUe4OU and we were going to look into that as a possibility (eventually). As far as blinds go, we might just put up some curtains, we haven't worked it out yet.

Really most of what needs to be done is fairly superficial, and it's certainly better than Half-Ass House (my alternative name for The Staircase). ^.^ We're just very bourgeois and will "Rarity up" any place we live in over time. ;)

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