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  • Mon, 00:01: Creepy Wolf Is Creepy: Suburban Jungle
  • Mon, 10:08: *program crashes 40% of time* *reads suggestion to set video card power management, does that* *program crashes 100% of time*
  • Mon, 10:23: RT @Slypenslyde: Watching @the_gneech's troubles reminds me how trying to play KotOR made me quit PC gaming forever
  • Mon, 10:25: I tend to buy a hefty machine when there’s some new game I want to play and then run it into the ground.
  • Mon, 10:25: The current machine was bought for LotRO right around launch. So that tells you its age.
  • Mon, 10:25: It still runs LotRO beautifully! But Overwatch is just killing it.
  • Mon, 10:28: I don’t think it’s that unique, actually. ;) There’s a lot of “NVidia fail!” around Win10 and current games.
  • Mon, 10:54: PROGRESS. Found a Microsoft help page about the error pitched during the driver crash. Turns out there is a “registry tweak script” for it.
  • Mon, 10:55: Long story short: system is polling the card and not getting an answer, ‘cos the card is busy rendering, so the system thinks it crashed.
  • Mon, 10:55: So the system “helpfully” resets the card, even tho it doesn’t need it.
  • Mon, 10:56: There is a tweak in the registry that tells the system to cool its jets and not poll so often, and the script changed it.
  • Mon, 10:56: So I just went in and spent 45 minutes in the shooting gallery training on D.Va. She’s da bomb. Like, literally.
  • Mon, 10:56: “Nerf THIS!” *kaboom*
  • Mon, 10:58: Stuck the landing on some very tricky boost jumps, practiced my “drop a self-destructing mech in a room full of fools” move, etc.
  • Mon, 10:58: <3 D.Va.
  • Mon, 10:59: I also found a training video that made me realize I was thinking about her gameplay all wrong.
  • Mon, 11:00: When I hear “tank,” I think, “Pick a spot and defend it.” That’s not really how D.Va works.
  • Mon, 11:01: D.Va is basically a trolling character like Tracer. Her job is to do things like thrust-ram Baston’s turret then blast it from behind.
  • Mon, 11:02: Anyway! With my better accuracy and a handle on the character, hopefully I’ll suck less now. ;)
  • Mon, 11:17: RT @DoodlestheGreat: Just a reminder that this is coming to an end in four hours and the bid price remains ridiculously low.
  • Mon, 23:35: G’nite world, have an awesome tomorrow! =^.^=
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